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Antiracist Book Clubs™

I’m going to preference this with a disclaimer that I am non-Black, and pretty much as privileged of a PoC as you can get (for anyone who may happen to read this and not know me?? sounds fake tbh?) I also grew up in an area where the public school education was so good that … Continue reading Antiracist Book Clubs™

A Day At Work

Sometimes I pretend I’m playing a game with myself while I write emails. I type out big words separated by conjunctions, then carefully pore over my lines and replace a few with softer or better words or phrases (notice how I said carefully instead of meticulously? more precise and less pretentious :)), that I imagine … Continue reading A Day At Work

Making (one-sided) amends

So last week I had a dream. It was a dream about one of my old high school best friends, who became abruptly not my friend anymore sometime in our senior year. In the dream, we were in a series of connected ballrooms, and she kept pulling me through the different rooms and saying that … Continue reading Making (one-sided) amends

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